Our mechanics answer your car maintenance and repair questions

A. Here are a few signs your car battery may be on its last legs:

  • Your battery warning light is on
  • When you start your car, the engine takes a while to crank
  • The battery is leaking, caused by corrosion
  • You’ve had the battery for more than 3 years
  • The battery case is bloated

A. Some brakes do tend to squeal, however if your brakes have just started to make this noise or you know they are old, it could mean they have become worn and need replacing.

A. Definitely not. We follow the manufacturer’s servicing requirements, so you don’t need to return to the dealership every time you need a service.

A. An e-Safety check inspection, or pink slip, is a certificate verifying your car is safe for the roads.

A. If it has a motor, we’ll repair it! Our mechanics will work on cars, 4WDs, light vehicles, caravans and trailers.